Having grown up on the lakes in the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada, you could say that I’m just as comfy in the cockpit of a kayak as I am at the helm of our globally-recognized firm, Kayak Marketing.

When I’m not doing either, you might just find me hiking the Canadian Rockies, exploring the alleyways of Taipei or Istanbul (the incredibly historic European side, of course), or solving complex customer buying processes for our clients via their websites.

Randy Milanovic 2020

March 2, 2020, I published my 4th book, The Art of Flowww.

the art of flowww
Wednesday March 25, 2020, the book reached #7 on Amazon’s Best-Seller list.

In 2014, the Financial Post Magazine featured me in a 2-page spread titled, Keep running. I hope you check it out.


Human behaviour fascinates me.
Sharing our discoveries and applying the science ethically to marketing challenges is what my team and I have done with more than 500 companies from across North America and parts of Europe. Many of these companies are lead by some of the wisest business people I could have ever hoped to meet, never mind strategize with. During these encounters, I become a sponge.


In September of 2009, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. The doctor delivering the diagnosis followed up with, “Do you have a will?” Quite humbling, believe me.

As I look back on those long hospital days spent staring at the second hand of a clock tick by, I’m reminded of a pair of my character traits: tenacity and perseverance. Or maybe just stubbornness? In any case, coming out of the good side of that diagnosis renewed my entrepreneurial passion and will to achieve. And, to help the people in my life achieve as well, including clients. Countering that, came an equally strong drive to avoid stalling out. It’s so easy to feel we aren’t worthy, or skilled, or “[insert baggage type here]“. If I had let those feelings get to me during my cancer battle, I wouldn’t be here today. And, I certainly wouldn’t have achieved any of these things:

Small Business of the Year Finalist 2013

Breakout Business of the Year Finalist 2013

E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee 2015

Founder, Kayak Marketing

Founder, Kayak Technical SEO Audits

Syndicated Author on Social Media Today

Author of business, marketing and SEO books

HubSpot Platinum Certified Partner 2018

randy's books


Since my recovery, I’ve started speaking and learned that I enjoy it. In 2011, I became a HubSpot Certified Partner and have earned a long list of marketing and automation certifications. Previously, I spent 30+ years as a professional visual designer.

A trio of highlights:

A logo I created for Hotchkiss Produce was recognized in the top 300 in the world.

A blog post I wrote for Social Media Today has received over 63,000 shares.

My first book, Findability, went to #1 in Amazon in several languages, including Japanese. That was both unexpected and very cool at the same time.

randy presents


craft beer gear

On the chance you might be a craft beer fan, I have a little project I’m sure you’ll love.

The 2 photos at the top of the page were shot by Craigery Denis of Not a Robot Studios and Vince Fowler, lead coach at the Vested Interest Group.