Titan Falls

My first hike after breaking my ankle posed new challenges.

Cataract Creek Trail
titan falls (upper)

Titan Falls. If there ever was a name of a location to get me excited about going, this was it. Located west of Longview Alberta off the forestry trunk road heading south towards the Crowsnest Pass, Titan Falls is a fairly easy hike meandering alongside Cataract Creek. Visitors will need to park at the campground, walk to the creek, and then cross the creek at a shallow spot. The water is quite chilly as its glacier-fed and can run 18″ deep. So take along your crocs and roll up your pant legs to make sure you can both get across the rocky creek comfortably, and dry quickly once on the other side.

This shot was pretty simple, I set up my Nikon D780 atop a tripod and snapped a number of still frames at differing focal lengths from 70-200mm.

Before shooting the falls, I did a bit of a walk around the cliff edge. I have to admit, given the 7km hike to the falls, my ankle was a bit shaky. As a result while shooting the falls I sat down on my butt. Ha!

The hike back was much less comfortable than the hike in. June 26th was barely 7 weeks from breaking my ankle April 1st (slipped on ice, no joke). The angle of the grassy trail sloped sharply, causing pain in my ankle that grew with each step. Relieved once we’d reached the truck, I felt like I’d conquered the world (again). The first off many hikes for the balance of the year, Titan Falls got me back out.

Technical aspects of this shoot.

Foreground: Nikon D780, Tamron 70-200mm zoom lens and a Tripod.

Shot in RAW format (NEF), images were lightly edited in Photoshop.