Waterfalls of the West

No two falls are truly alike. Big or small, they can spray you with mist while taking your breath away.


Blue Rock Creek, Sheep River, AB


Upper Junction Falls, Sheep River Park, AB

titan falls (upper)

Titan Falls, Kananaskis Country, AB

Thanks to living on the edge of the Canadian Rockies, there are no shortage of waterfalls. From small creeks to roaring rivers, the Canadian wilds bost some of the most beautiful falls in the world. Follow along as I add waterfall photos this summer.


Blue Rock Creek, Sheep River, AB


On the trail to Titan Falls, Kananaskis, AB


Valley of 1000 waterfalls, Mt Robson, BC

Technical aspects of all of these shoots.

Nikon D780, Sigma 14-24mm wide-angle lens, Tamron 70-200mm zoom lens and (for long exposures) a tripod.

Shot in RAW format (NEF), images were lightly edited in Photoshop and colour-corrected with Topaz PhotoAI.