Painted Skies

Works (existing or commissioned) are available for commercial license.


Painted Skies Aurora Photos by Randy Milanovic

Series 1: 10 Premium Photographs

Example image: Painted Skies 5309

Series 2: 22 Premium Photographs


Original photographs available for commercial license. Each image is unique. Photographed and processed by the photographer. Each image is an original digital photo.

Notes from the photographer: Non-destructive Camera RAW adjustments applied for lighting and vibrance. Additionally, images have been edited with tools that utilize AI. No generative enhancements (AI) have been applied outside of standard denoising/sharpening to address camera- or lens-related imperfections.

Photographer: Randy Milanovic. Location: Cartwright Lake, BC, Canada. Date: May 10/11, 2024. Resolution: 4024×6048 (each). Colour space: sRGB, 16bit. File type provided: uncompressed tiff.

Series 1 pricing: $1,200 each (min 5 images). Series 2 pricing: $1,000 each (min 8 images). Processing/Re-Processing/ Printing/ Shipping/ etc: additional. Enlargements: depends on size, medium, viewing distances.

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Technical aspects of this aurora photography session.

Nikon D810 (36.6MP) and/or Nikon D780 (24.5MP), Sigma 14-24mm wide-angle lens and/or Tamron 70-200 zoom lens.

Shot in RAW format (NEF), images are lightly edited and assembled in Adobe Photoshop.